A key revenue driver for the business, this facility in Indonesia offers sterilisation and polymerisation services to multiple key global industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, raw materials and consumer packaging.

PT Rel-ion Sterilization Services is a wholly owned Indonesian subsidiary of Southern Archipelago Ltd. Rel-ion commenced operations of a Gamma Irradiator in 1992. Rel-ion is the first such facility in Indonesia and has since then grown in strength and stature with an impeccable quality service and safety record. In 2005, Rel-ion received the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for high quality management which consistently provides products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Gamma Irradiation has many uses but chiefly it excels at sterilizing, pasteurizing and polymer crosslinking. This method of cold sterilization has many advantages over other forms of sterilization is in that it does not use any heat, pressure or chemicals, does not leave any residue and does not require any quarantine period.

Due to the high penetration power of gamma rays, sterilization may also be used on completed and packaged products so reducing any re-contamination after sterilization. Gamma sterilization does not alter the nature and taste of the product that is sterilized. Frozen and raw, fresh foods may be safely sterilized and will benefit from a longer shelf life through the elimination of microbes, insects, moulds, fungi, viruses, yeasts and bacteria. Gamma Irradiation may also be used to modify polymers and rubber. This process with be able to make the material stronger, more resistant and more durable.

Presently, Rel-ion provides sterilization services on a wide range of products such as medicines, medical equipment, packaging, cocoa, spices, frozen seafood, cosmetics and more. It is a highly effective method of sterilization.

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