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Blumont Group Rebrands to Southern Archipelago to Convey Ambitious Vision for the Region

Singapore headquartered investment company Blumont Group announced on 14 March 2022 that we have changed our name to Southern Archipelago Ltd. We are an SGX-listed group, with operating subsidiaries in Malaysia and Indonesia and the corporate name change reflects our renewed focus on the strong growth potential of the region.

An archipelago is a cluster of islands along a stretch of sea. The word aptly expresses the Group’s mission to strategically establish its business ventures in the Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia triangle. The diversity of the islands of an archipelago also poetically represents the company’s goal of building a portfolio of businesses that, while varied in nature, are unified and operated as a cohesive entity that builds on each other’s strengths.

The Southeast Asian Archipelago is one of the most abundant and plentiful in the world. It is home to the third largest expanse of rainforest in the world, where a diverse range of exotic animals including the rhinoceros, elephant and orangutan are valued and protected.

Similarly, the name, Southern Archipelago, evokes the lush abundance of nature that can only continue to thrive under the watchful stewardship of principled stakeholders. Indeed, as a Group, we are strongly committed to holding ourselves to the highest ethical and environmentally responsible standards as we invest in the communities that we are rooted in. We aim to build a company that not only benefits our shareholders and guests but also will contribute positively to the development of the islands of the archipelago while safeguarding the bounty of nature that the region has been blessed with. The name also proudly pays homage to our rich Asian heritage and culture that we pledge to honour and uphold throughout our various business operations. At the same time, Southern Archipelago conveys an auspiciousness that showcases the potential that is on the horizon for the Group.


Southern Archipelago is headquartered in Singapore.

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